A New Brotherhood

two male truck drivers smiling together

One of the biggest challenges our chaplains see in the trucking community is loneliness. There is no way around it, life on the road is lonely; and no matter how well-adapted a driver is too long distance hauls, long hours on the open road take a toll. There are a variety of ways professional drivers cope with the loneliness. The radio, podcasts, regular calls home or to trusted friends, finding community at truck stops or travel plazas, and more. However, there is also an ever-present dark side to loneliness as well; addiction. 

In recovery programs, it’s commonly understood that any type of addictive behavior feeds off of loneliness. A good friend of mine, Dan Wobschall, often says, “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s community.” Dan has been helping men break free from pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior for over 6 years. He knows from experience. 

So one of the best practices to fight addictive behavior, like pornography, is community. That is why the Gateway to Freedom Foundation invites people battling pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior into community. And let me tell you there are few things more exciting. There is a brotherhood that forms in recovery that is so powerful and life-giving. Men that join the brotherhood find that the community is a lot bigger than they thought. More welcoming too. 

The last Gateway to Freedom 3-day workshop I attended was so powerful because of the bond that was formed among us men. And that bond didn’t end after the 3-days were over. We have each other’s back. 

So don’t go it alone any longer. At Gateway to Freedom Foundation, you can join a new brotherhood of support and encouragement. Men who have been down the same road as you, know all the challenges, and can help. 

The next GTF 3-day workshop is April 21-23, 2023 at the Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center in Mt. Bethel, PA. You can also join our private online community called Live Free. Contact us at gateway@tfcglobal.org to learn more. Your new brotherhood awaits.

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