African Ministry Updates

African Ministries Updates

From Adriaan Fourie, the African Ministries Director, reporting on highlights from October, 2023

Dear Friends, thank you for the opportunity to share some news from the TFC trucking ministry regions in Africa. We greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on behalf of fellow ministers/chaplains serving in Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, DRC, and Malawi.

From KENYA (Part of the Tanzania Region) we have a dear lady by the name of Precious Tunu Lameck who told us about serving truck drivers: Through exposure to serving truck drivers via Dr. Norbert in Tanzania, this lady saw the need for sharing Jesus with the trucking industry. She had an urge to reach out to the unsaved, which included truck drivers who have apparently abandoned their wives and families. My desire, giving my life to God, is to bring many into His kingdom (Matt.9:37-38). She also serves truck drivers in Mombasa with the love of God. Let us pray for this woman of God in Kenya, serving truck drivers where she walks in faith.

Raphael Synpholeano Chisale is a very humble pastor who has recently joined the MALAWI ministry team led by Francis Chipukunya. Mr. Chisale shares his testimony that he was at first a good person while in a position in church. He allowed sinful desires to rule his life which caused such tiredness. At the end of 1998 his life changed completely when he attended a night of prayer where the preaching came from Romans 7:13-25 with the emphasis on verse 24. “What a wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death?” This words reflected exactly what was in his heart, and before the pastor finished the sermon, the conviction in his heart was overwhelming. By the end of the preaching the pastor made an altar call, and he didn’t hesitate to act and surrender his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This was the beginning of his faith journey. He shared his new-found salvation with his dear wife while tears were running down his cheeks. Raphael was shocked when he noticed and realized that truck drivers were involved in sexually immoral relationships with other women while away from home. We requested that this man of God would share his personal walk with God with the younger members of the Malawi team for encouragement. May we all stay close to our heavenly Father and not base our salvation upon being a good person. Let us bring all truck drivers before God; pray that He will work in their hearts as He did in the heart of Mr. Chisale.

A prayer request on behalf of the African trucking ministries: Please remember to pray for all involved in the trucking ministry in Africa where it is crucial that this calling to serve truck drivers with the love of God should be sustainable and independent, trusting God for His guidance in all.

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