ministry updates malawi with globe in background Sep 21

Ministry Highlights – Malawi

Ministry Stories: “I have been working for many years as a driver and cross the Mwanza border post many times in my life. I have never met this kind of […]

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two truck drivers standing in front of fleet of trucks Sep 05

Chaplain’s Corner: Help Spread the Word

By: Craig Maart This past August 27-31 was the latest CTI (Chaplains Training Institute). It was a fun thing to see all the new chaplains God is bringing to TFC […]

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family talking while phones away in basket Aug 07

Digital Rehab – Part 1

By: Brad Huddleston In my previous articles, Digital Cocaine – Part 1 and Part 2, I discussed the real issue of digital addiction. I explained that brain scans of digital […]

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tomato sauce and ingredients on table Aug 07

Chaplain’s Corner: The Chaplain’s Secret Sauce

By: Craig Maart A good chaplain serves primarily with a ministry of presence. For some people, this may seem odd, and they would quickly dismiss the effectiveness of this essential […]

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Truck fueling up at diesel gas pump Aug 07

TruckStruck: Adventures with Fuel

By: Lynn Bolster In the scrap world, there are dangers but one of the most volatile is fuel. Flashpoints of various fuels differ and you have to be mighty careful […]

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pictures from Malawi ministry Aug 07

Ministry Highlights – Malawi

Ministry Stories “I am really blessed to be a communications director for TFC Global Malawi. Working with this team though I am still young has seen me learning a lot […]

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Photos of Tanzania ministry Aug 07

Ministry Highlights – Tanzania

A Ministry Report from TFC Global Tanzania  God is always good. I thank Him for enabling us to finish the month of May safely where we saw God bless in […]

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interior of a tour bus Aug 07

TruckStruck: The Day the Wheels Came Off the Bus

By: Lynn Bolster This month let’s take on a new adventure – a journey into the world of tour bus driving because it’s that time of year! We know our […]

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people using their smartphones Jul 12

Digital Cocaine – Part 2

By: Brad Huddleston In part 1, I established that, scientifically, brain scans of digital addicts are the same as those of cocaine or heroin addicts, as illustrated on the cover […]

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motorcycle and man on motorcycle Jul 12

Ministry Highlights: Tanzania

This month we wanted to share with you a note from our director in Tanzania, Dr. Norbert Mbwiliza. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did when […]

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