Be A Hero in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

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Be a hero in the fight against sex trafficking

Did you know in the U.S., 10 million men pay an average of $100 per transaction soliciting prostitution, and an average of $576 annually? This creates a $5.7 billion incentive for pimps and traffickers to recruit and groom more children into sex trafficking.

This is why the Gateway to Freedom Foundation (GTFF) is committed to putting sex trafficking out of business by equipping local communities to reduce and end the demand for consumer sex. GTFF’s work underscores the reality that sex trafficking is a supply-and-demand business. Without the demand for consumer sex, there would be no victim.

GTFF needs your help!

The Gateway to Freedom Foundation recently launched the Be A Hero Campaign to raise awareness, as well as the necessary funds to combat the demand for sex trafficking. This is a critical season for GTFF as it seeks to raise an initial $10,000 to expand its program reach and effectiveness. This provides an opportunity for you to be a hero in the fight against sex trafficking.

By supporting the Be A Hero campaign, you help protect children from being exploited for profit. Last year, Gateway helped over 20 people break free from consumer sex, thus taking money away from pimps, traffickers, and pornographers. This year, with your support, our goal is to triple that number. This means that every dollar raised through the campaign takes money away from pimps and traffickers. What an incredible return on your investment.

Don’t wait any longer and let the demand for sex trafficking grow any bigger.

Help GTFF reach its goal of 100 heroes giving $100 annually (or just $8/month) and help put sex traffickers out of business for good. You can learn more and donate here.

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