Be a Hero

little hero

Would you like to know what you can do to help end sex trafficking in the world? If the answer is yes, keep reading. Last year the Gateway to Freedom Foundation launched the Be A Hero Campaign outlining four ways people can be a hero in the fight against sex trafficking. GTFF doesn’t use that word lightly either. In our view, if a person takes action to help end sex trafficking, they are a hero. The good news is that to be a hero in the fight against sex trafficking doesn’t require supernatural strength or skill. You don’t have to leap tall buildings or move immovable objects. It’s way more practical then that. That is not to say that it’s easy, or that it doesn’t require bravery, courage, and sacrifice. Those traits are all needed. It simply means making a difference is possible. Are you ready?

Here are four ways you can be a hero in the fight against sex trafficking today:

1. Help men break free from pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior by referring them to the Gateway to Freedom 3-day Intensive. These intensives are a proven path that have helped thousands of men get free. The next Intensive is coming up April 19-21, 2024 at the Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center. Early bird pricing is available. Go to and click 3-day workshop to learn more and register.

2. Equip yourself and others by bringing GTFF’s seminar, Until All Are Free, to your church, business or community group. Until All Are Free is a dynamic training that equips local communities on how to effectively combat sex trafficking in their area. The training can be adapted to meet the needs of any group. Email to inquire about bringing this training to your group.

3. Raise awareness by telling others about the Gateway to Freedom Foundation. Here are a few ways you can do that: 1) share the Highway News magazine with others, 2) follow GTFF on Facebook and like and share the posts, 3) subscribe to the GTFF newsletter to keep informed, and 4) sponsor a GTFF awareness event. Email to learn more.

4. Offer financial support. Last year the GTFF helped 13 men break free from pornography and other unwanted sexual behavior, thus taking money away from pimps and traffickers. In addition, GTFF trained and equipped over 100 people on how to implement demand reduction strategies within their local community. This year with the support of donors like you, we plan to not only match, but double those numbers. To support the work of GTFF and help put sex trafficking out of business go to and click donate. Or you can mail a check to TFC Global (1525 River Rd, Marietta, 17547). Make the check payable to TFC Global and put Gateway to Freedom Foundation in the memo line.