Honor a driver John Donovan Feb 13

Honor a Driver: John Donovan

Every now and then we encounter things that take us away from the normal day-to-day monotony. Sometimes it’s a wrench in the gears and sometimes it’s a gentle reminder that […]

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James Hodge and his wife Cynthia, receiving their ministry license Jan 13

Honor a Driver: James Hodge

Trucking for the Word of God Ministry’s founder, James Hodge and his wife, Cynthia know that nothing happens without God. We all should know we can’t and don’t do anything […]

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Honor a driver - Jason and Prella Smith with children Dec 13

Honor a Driver: Jason and Prella Smith

The Smith family of Beech Creek, Pennsylvania are the brains, brawn and driving force behind an annual truck show in the Keystone state’s Clinton County. Both Jason and his wife […]

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Honor a driver - Kent Pacacha Nov 13

Honor a Driver: Kent Pacacha of Crowe Transportation

The love of trucking started as a kid for Kent Pacacha, our featured driver, when he looked out the car window and saw a semi-truck going by. He told his […]

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Honor a driver series - Kiser Trucking Oct 12

Honor a Driver: Kiser Trucking & SWVA Big Rig Showdown

Kiser Trucking, the host company for the Southwest Virginia Big Rig Showdown, started in 1968 when Greg’s (current co-partner with Gary) parents bought their first truck. For 10 years, they […]

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