Chaplain’s Corner: Chaplaincy is Spreading!

men from latest chaplain class

By: Craig Maart

Meet the TFC Global Chaplaincy graduate class of August 2023: Jon Coupal, George Lent, Tim Merrell and Don Muehr. This past August 27-31 we held another CTI (Chaplains Training Institute) at the international office in Marietta, PA. Four men went through the application process and completed the chaplains’ training program. I am proud to let you know we have three new locations opening up for TFC Global chaplaincy as well.

Jon Coupal is now starting in Denver, Colorado. Jon and his wife served as missionaries in Uganda before returning to the US. The Coupals adopted a boy from Uganda and are enjoying being parents to their son. Jon finished up his MDIV (Masters of Divinity) this summer and is ready to roll in Denver.

George Lent, who you met in the April issue, has started a TFC Global Chapter in Little Rock, Arkansas. George, age 80, wanted to go through our training so he would be better equipped to serve the people around him as he develops the presence of TFC Global chaplaincy in Little Rock.

Tim Merrell lives in Middletown, PA and will be helping us reach the trucking community in central Pennsylvania. Tim has years of church ministry and banking industry experience. Although he has an unhealthy appreciation for the Philadelphia Eagles, he is a great guy, and has the support of his wife and three kids.

Don Muehr brings TFC Global Chaplaincy to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. He likes Texas, but says the summer heat is not awesome. He lives through it since God has had him in Texas for many years. He has served in the US military and is a proud American. He is married and has many years of Christian ministry experience. We look forward to seeing and hearing about TFC Global chaplaincy growing in Dallas/ Ft. Worth.

Please pray for these men as they get started and expand the reach of what God has called TFC Global to be about: evangelize, educate, and equip those in the trucking community and their families to help them grow in their faith.

I also want to mention that we are able to host these trainings because of faithful financial donors. There is one man in particular who gives every month to the CCN (Corporate Chaplains Network). Without people like him, the cost to get started in chaplaincy with TFC Global would be higher. Our TFC Global supporters help us spread the impact of the gospel. Thank you for continuing to support the training of new chaplains.

If you or anyone you know wants to serve as a chaplain or simply learn about what chaplaincy is, sign up for our next training. By attending, you are not committing to anything. It is common for people to take the training to see if chaplaincy is what God is moving them toward. Our chaplain training is open to anyone: men, women, those already in ministry, those looking for continuing education requirements, and anyone looking to sharpen their ministry and counseling skills. 

To find out when the next CTI is being held, email for more information. We appreciate your interest in this program!

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