Chaplains’ Corner: Chaplaincy Training Institute

group of participants in chaplaincy training

By: Craig Maart

This month’s Chaplain’s Corner article is a fun one to write. Anytime I get to report we are adding chaplains, it is a good day and something we need to report to everyone. This past May 7-11, 2023, was the latest Chaplains Training Institute. We had 7 students in this class: two from Massachusetts, two from Illinois, and three from Pennsylvania. We already have people contacting me about the next CTI training. This is good. Really good!

CTI (Chaplains Training Institute) is a 20-hour intensive and is open to anyone to take. All chaplains from TFC who are in the field or coming on board as a chaplain have taken this training. TFC Global is a Chaplains International-certified training center. Anyone who takes this training will leave with a deep understanding of chaplaincy, protocols, and procedures of various contexts and emergency service providers (police, fire, prison, hospital). There is in-depth training on counseling methods and how to help people replace old habits and handle intense scenarios such as how to step in to help a person threatening suicide. 

You do not have to be a chaplain or working to become a chaplain to take this training. Anyone can take this training. We have had people who feel called to vocational ministry but not in a local church setting, so they take the training to see if chaplaincy is something God and others affirm in them. By taking this training, you are not obligated to work toward chaplaincy with TFC Global. You could take this training and see how this moves you toward ministry or not. Of course, we would love for you to talk to us and apply for chaplaincy with TFC Global, but I want to clearly communicate this is open for anyone to participate in: paid chaplains, non-paid chaplains, women, men, counselors, young, old and everywhere in between. 

Since TFC Global is now serving as chaplains in trucking companies, the experience and skills provided from this CTI training will be used right away. Trucking companies require a trained and skilled chaplain, and we are providing that. This training information and skills gained will also benefit any interaction a chaplain will have with a driver or employee at a truck stop. 

So, if you would like to find out more about serving as a chaplain, contact me directly at I love talking about it and welcome the conversation. You would benefit greatly from this training. You never know how God will use it to further the work of His Kingdom. Don’t ignore the probable movement of God in your life to pursue a calling. Email me today.

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