Chaplain’s Corner: Help Spread the Word

two truck drivers standing in front of fleet of trucks

By: Craig Maart

This past August 27-31 was the latest CTI (Chaplains Training Institute). It was a fun thing to see all the new chaplains God is bringing to TFC Global.

Since May 2022, there have been 24 people trained through our CTI (Chaplains Training Institute). This represents those who have come on board with TFC Global and those who have taken the training as ongoing education or to see if God is calling them to chaplaincy. There are always more candidates at various places in our onboarding process. This keeps me very busy and is very cool to see. The quality of chaplains coming on board with TFC Global is top-notch, and they are fun to get to know.

In life, it’s usually not how much you know but who you know. We need help from people like you who know people in trucking companies who you think would be open to TFC Global chaplaincy services. Philosophically we know it is better to have chaplains ready to minister in a trucking company instead of trucking companies waiting for a chaplain.

This is the situation we are in

It is a good problem to have, but man, we sure need places for these guys to serve. Spiritual darkness doesn’t even try to hide or disguise itself anymore and eternity in heaven or hell hangs in the balance based on a decision to accept or reject Jesus as Savior. We have chosen a model of chaplaincy that goes to where the people are on a more consistent basis and trucking companies are those primary places.

This is where you come in

We need you to reach out to people you know who drive trucks and work for a trucking company. Our main target is anywhere there is a fleet of professional drivers. These new TFC Global chaplains and the office staff are working diligently to contact trucking companies and get in front of the decision-makers of the company. Unfortunately, it usually takes a tragedy before action is taken to get a chaplain in place to be with the company employees, provide Biblical counsel, and follow through weeks after the tragedy occurred. We want to have chaplains in place before the inevitable trauma even happens. But we can’t do this alone. Therefore, I ask you to make contacts and connect us with trucking companies and send them our way. Let’s get these guys serving full-time as chaplains.

We have promotional resources and videos available to you to help get the word out. To have these resources sent to you, contact me at I look forward to being able to send more reports and updates of TFC Global chaplains serving in trucking companies around the country because of the collective dependency on God and effort by you to help get chaplains where they are needed.

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