Chaplain’s Corner: Training Chaplains

Men praying together

By: Craig Maart

It is always better to be prepared for a situation before it happens. The situations TFC Global chaplains face on a daily basis vary greatly. You never know what will happen from day to day. Since TFC Global chaplains serve in trucking companies, FaithLife Centers at truck stops, and in a variety of other settings, circumstances can vary greatly. We need to be prepared for being at the scene of an accident, hospital visits, providing resources to people in need, counseling for a wide variety of life issues and ready to serve at a moment’s notice. 

This is why TFC Global chaplains are required to be trained for service. TFC Global provides training backed by Chaplains International. Chaplains International is a nationally known and recognized chaplains training agency. Every TFC Global chaplain takes the 20-hour intensive CTI (Chaplains Training Institute) over the course of three days as well as monthly meetings and other training options throughout the year. Training is always being pursued. 

Training topics for the training vary from emergency situations and protocols, confidentiality and ethics, dealing with suicide, death notifications, biblically-based counseling, the biblical process of change, trauma and stress reactions in children, grief and healing conversations. This training is extensive and very beneficial right away. In 2021 we trained 3 men for chaplaincy services; in October 2022, we trained five men. One of these men is not serving with TFC but wanted to take the training as they pursue what God is directing them to do. Training is open to anyone, even if they are not going to serve with TFC Global. 

TFC Global also has chaplain associates who volunteer their time to serve under a staff chaplain. These associates receive training from the staff chaplain or with me in my role as VP of US Operations. 

I hope this helps you see how much goes into providing chaplaincy to the trucking community. There will always be a dependency on the Holy Spirit and prayer in advance of each day. This is a great training program to help stay freshly skilled in approaching and serving people throughout each day. Please keep our chaplains in prayer. Does this sound like something for you or someone you know? If so, contact me at, and let’s talk chaplaincy to the trucking community.

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