TFC Global is a chaplaincy ministry to the trucking community. We seek men who are called by God and can articulate that call to ministry. If you can see yourself serving in a ministry of presence, establishing relationships, Biblically counseling and connecting people to resources, leading Bible studies, being looked to for community leadership, giving spiritual guidance, and seeing people become saved from their sin, then this is the position for you!

The mission of TFC Global has not changed, but the strategy to accomplish the 72-year-old mission has been changed to meet the needs and reality of the trucking industry in 2023 and beyond. The model of focusing exclusively on converted trailers at truck stops, you may have seen, has changed to serving primarily as chaplains in multiple trucking companies in a region.

We seek men who will take initiative and have a bit of an entrepreneurial drive to develop an area (county, region, state) to serve as a chaplain vs being stationed at one truck stop. TFC Global chaplains also develop a team to serve, support, and expand the presence and impact of God in the trucking community. This requires action, patience, flexibility, and mobility, but it is so rewarding.

This position requires a candidate who is called by God, qualified as a man of God, appropriately educated and able to go through the chaplain’s application process. If you are up to this challenge, apply today by clicking on the Staff Chaplain link below.

Staff Chaplain