Gateway to Freedom Foundation is Turning 2!

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TFC Global officially launched The Gateway to Freedom Foundation in February 2021, in an effort to help combat sex trafficking. With trained chaplains across the country, serving the professional driving community and beyond, the leadership at TFC Global knew it was well-positioned to make a difference. 

As the director of GTFF, I am proud to share some of the really important things we have accomplished in the first two years. 

First, we established a clear and compelling vision, which is to put sex trafficking out of business. That is the purpose of GTFF that drives all we do. Through the initiative, we work tirelessly to see the day when pimps and traffickers have to put up a going-out-of-business sign. 

Secondly, we created a well-defined mission articulating how we will accomplish the vision. After all, a vision without a mission is nothing more than a dream or nice thought. Our mission is to free and protect people from consumer sexual beliefs and behaviors, so they can thrive in their life, relationships, and community. At TFC Global we get excited when we help people break free from consumer sexual beliefs/behaviors. We get excited because we know these are behaviors that are harming them, their family, and the community. We get even more excited because we know that when we help one person get free we take money out of the hands of pimps and traffickers. 

Last but not least, we created and implemented several resources and tools to accomplish the mission. We launched a 3-day recovery workshop, the Live Free Community, Consultation and Support, as well as an Online Directory. In two years we’ve impacted the lives of 18 men through these intervention resources. Along with this, we have also brought awareness and training to over 30 community groups/ leaders with a total reach of over one thousand individuals. 

The best part is that we are just getting started. We have big plans for the future to grow our resources and help free and protect more people. None of this would be possible without the support and financial investment from people like you. To all of you that have supported GTFF for the past two years, thank you. Thank you for believing in the vision and mission and inspiring us to keep going. Thank you for making it possible for GTFF to help 18 people break free from consumer sex. Thank you for subscribing to the Highway News and sharing with others. That makes a big difference. Learn more about the Gateway to Freedom Foundation here. To contact us call 717-426-997 or email

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