Legacy of Faith

Legacy of Faith is a program of giving that is working to provide for the future of financial support for our professional drivers, their families and the trucking community from logistics to manufacturing. Your financial partnership, over and above your regular gift, will help TFC Global to better reach future generations of drivers with the message of Jesus Christ. Instilling a spirit of generosity into those in your sphere of influence by both example and intentional conversation is crucial in keeping our ministry alive to reach this industry. If you would like to support this program, mail checks to TFC Global at PO Box 117, Marietta PA 17547 or, give online on our website designating your gift for Legacy of Faith.

Other ways to give are the following:

  1. Savings, stocks, mutual funds & other securities
  2. Unneeded life insurance
  3. Life insurance beneficiary
  4. IRA beneficiary
  5. Use your Required Minimum Distribution for charitable giving
  6. Ask heirs to give a gift in your memory
  7. Will or trust from estate holdings
  8. Equipment or property

If you would like more information on these methods of giving, email info@tfcglobal.org or call our office at 717-426-9977.