Honor a Driver: James Hodge

James Hodge and his wife Cynthia, receiving their ministry license

Trucking for the Word of God Ministry’s founder, James Hodge and his wife, Cynthia know that nothing happens without God. We all should know we can’t and don’t do anything without Him. They realized that God is with us in every step, thought, hope, dream, and desire that each of us has. Their journey began with James’ testimony. His story could apply to you, me, a family member, a friend, a co-worker, someone rich or poor. He ran from God until he could not run anymore. Conviction brought him to his knees and God showed him his calling to reach out to others. He wondered where all the people he was supposed to reach. Being a truck driver for over 30 years and away from his home and family, it suddenly came to him that he should reach drivers and their families that he met while traveling across the United States. Many drivers are forgotten, taken for granted, and feel unappreciated. God is often far from their mind. Their ministry’s mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and help bring people closer to Christ. They also encourage people to open their Bibles and spend time in the word of God. They go wherever God leads them and strive to be a blessing to everyone they meet, letting their light shine and sharing what God has done through their trucking ministry. 

Trucking for the Word of God Ministry's truck

Support for the ministry is through sponsorships for fuel costs and daily living expenses. They provide fellowship and appreciation days to truckers with food, drink, and entertainment on the road. Their truck will be entered in truck shows like the Mid-Atlantic Truck Show held each year in Louisville and others to introduce people to their ministry.

From the photos of the trailer, it’s not hard to see how inspiring the Bible stories and patriotic graphics are for people in the trucking community. If you visit a truck show in your area, see if this trailer is part of the show and say hello! You can also follow their Facebook page, @ truckingforthewordofGod. To contact them directly, email truckingforthewordofGod@gmail. com. AND, if you enjoy truck calendars, the Gear Jammer Magazine 2023 catalog features their trailer for the month of July. Visit the Gear Jammer website to get your copy.

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