Honor a Driver: John Donovan

Honor a driver John Donovan

Every now and then we encounter things that take us away from the normal day-to-day monotony. Sometimes it’s a wrench in the gears and sometimes it’s a gentle reminder that we are all here for a reason. 

This day was just like any other for Good’s Disposal truck driver John Donovan. Enjoying the warm weather of a southern Pennsylvania August afternoon, John was driving along Route 23 in New Holland, Pennsylvania when he noticed an elderly man in distress on a sidewalk. John quickly pulled his truck over to a safe location and began to rush to aid the man who was severely injured. Hastily running back to his truck to retrieve a first aid kit, John began to call for an ambulance and started to render aid to the man’s wounds. The elderly man was traveling alone down the sidewalk on his mobile scooter when he hit a bump and fell off the scooter and was injured. This man was a Vietnam combat veteran who bravely and nobly served his country. Thanks to John’s kindness and quick reaction he was able to provide aid and comfort to him until the first responders arrived. 

When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He was asked to confirm what he meant by the word ‘neighbor’. This is when he told the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), to explain that people should love everyone, including strangers and their enemies. It is easy to love friends and family, but it is much more difficult to love those who you may not know or get along with or even those who may harm or hurt you. To show love to strangers and your enemies is to truly love as Christ did.

John Donovan of Goods Disposal Services

We at Good’s Disposal Service are thankful to have someone like John Donovan employed with us. He continues to be a model employee and is always willing to go above & beyond his duties to help his fellow colleagues as well as strangers. 

Good’s Disposal Services is a Pennsylvania company that’s been around for more than fifty years serving Lancaster County. Founded by Gary Good and his brother Donald who partnered together in 1970. The organization prides itself in the following six values: customer care, quick response, flexibility, safety, community, and integrity. TFC Global has used their dumpsters on numerous occasions and is very thankful for their services. Check out their website at www.GoodsDisposalService.com.

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