Honor a Driver: Kiser Trucking & SWVA Big Rig Showdown

Honor a driver series - Kiser Trucking

Kiser Trucking, the host company for the Southwest Virginia Big Rig Showdown, started in 1968 when Greg’s (current co-partner with Gary) parents bought their first truck. For 10 years, they ran dump trucks but branched into tractor-trailers in 1978. In 1990, Greg, Gary’s son, upon graduation from high school, purchased his first rig. Now, they own 34 trucks combined, hauling feed products, sand, gravel, coal, plus cattle with those trailers. Greg and Gary have moved into two separate companies but are still keeping it in the family. Austin Kiser, whose truck graces our cover, thought he was going to play baseball after high school. But God had other plans through some injuries and no desire to stay in a classroom. He successfully works beside his dad and grandpa in the business of Kiser Trucking. It’s definitely in the blood! 

Melissa Kiser and her son Austin started the conversation about hosting a truck show in their local community in southwest Virginia several years ago. Focused on making a difference in the rural area by giving away the proceeds to charitable organizations, the SWVA Big Rig Showdown just completed its third year. 

Using their connections up and down the East Coast, they knew they would have the truck owners who would love another reason to show off their pride and joy. But, they also knew they needed teamwork in other areas. The Kiser family attends the Rosedale Baptist Church where Pastor Jeff Kinder leads the congregation. This group of believers caught the vision for what this event could be in their community. With the staff behind this event and volunteers from their Go Team, a partnership was born. The Go Team is a group of people who are led by church deacons who help those in need in and around their local community. This year, the Friends of Honaker (a nearby town) were looking to raise money for a park for children. A whopping $21,000 was raised for these two non-profit organizations — the Go Team and the Friends of Honaker. The Kisers are committed to having this show every year as God directs and blesses. It’s all-hands-on-deck for this family and any relative they claim for the event. Next year’s show is July 28-29, 2023. The show includes a banquet for drivers and their families, food trucks, concerts, and a light parade plus awards. Join this community event by bringing your truck and your dollars to donate to two non-profit organizations that will be announced at a later date.

TFC Global had the privilege of speaking at the driver appreciation event and having a display at the show. We look forward to a continued relationship with this event in the future.

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