Ministry Updates – Tanzania

Tanzania updates november 2023

Dr. Norbert Mbwiliza, regional director for TFC Global Tanzania shared the following information in his monthly report.

Areas Reached: Mwanza, Tabora, Manyara, Brundi, Coastal, Nzega — these are mostly border crossings. For the month of August, 51 new believers and 188 conversations with drivers happened. Praise the Lord for new lives written in the book of life.

One new believer had this to say, “I am Erick, a truck driver. I thank God for His grace and that I have been a driver for some years. I didn’t know Jesus so I lived a sinful life, stealing fuel and selling it. I didn’t fear stealing since it was my habit. Since I heard about Jesus, now my heart feels bad that I have been living a life no one desires. Now I am thankful to Jesus my Savior.”

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