Press Release – Truckersfinalmile Becomes an Affiliate Partner with TFC Global

press release

This will now allow the combined ministries to have a stronger, more far-reaching impact, in serving the growing needs of the trucking community.

Truckersfinalmile and TFC Global announced today that the organizations have entered into a strategic partnership that will strengthen each other’s ability to care for the trucking community, allowing them to meet the physical, spiritual, and behavioral needs of the professional driver, their families, and those involved in trucking-related industries. The partnership gives truckersfinalmile the support staff it lacked, with founder and president Robert Palm carrying much of the operational load for truckersfinalmile on his own shoulders. For TFC Global, the partnership brings a stronger, more focused charity outreach to be a part of where they can see real impact taking place in the trucking community.

The agreement brings together the work truckersfinalmile is doing to assist families who have lost loved ones on the road with the chaplaincy work TFC Global is doing through its Corporate Chaplains Network program. This program meets the needs of the trucking community by providing spiritual care and counseling help for depression, marriage and family issues, addictions, suicide, work-related issues, mental health issues, and loss of a spouse or family member. They also provide human trafficking awareness programs to shed light on a growing problem in our culture today.

“This affiliate partnership with TFC Global will strengthen truckersfinalmile’s position as a vital resource for the individual truck driver and his or her family when tragedy strikes. Continuing as an independent organization, truckersfinalmile will have access to TFC Global’s seventy-three-year established structure and experienced personnel, as well as new funding avenues for our strategic plan’s current operating programs. As founder of truckersfinalmile, I am both honored and humbled to be able to join the TFC Global family and work to assure the mutual success of our missions.” 

–Robert Palm / Founder and CEO, truckersfinalmile

“This partnership made sense because we were already acting as the chaplaincy arm of truckersfinalmile working with families who have experienced a loss of a loved one while on the road. I first met Robert on a cold wet day at White’s Truck Stop in Raphine, Virginia. I was so taken by his dedication that I wanted us to find some way to be a part of his work. Robert, through the years, has been “all by himself,” in this endeavor. He has shared with me that he wants to create a legacy for his organization. With his direction and our organizational capacity, we can help make that happen.” –Ron Fraser / President and CEO, TFC Global

“Our corporate sponsorship with truckersfinalmile aligns with our ‘for truckers, by truckers’ approach to serving the community. Truckersfinalmile provides support and care when truckers and their families need it most, and RoadEx is proud to expand the organization’s reach through our financial contribution,” said Deep Dhillion, chairperson at RoadEx. RoadEx is a one-stop shop for many important services that truckers need. “Truckersfinalmile has established an incredible track record of helping truckers across the country. We hope RoadEx’s commitment to the organization inspires others to give to their mission,” said Goldy Dhillon, CEO at Dhillon Holdings LLC.

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