Salute to a Pioneer

Ellen Voie

We are saddened to announce that TFC Global’s Chairperson of the Board of Directors is retiring. Ellen Voie, the founder of Women in Trucking, has served on our board for eleven years. 

Ellen began Women in Trucking in 2007 and has been the nonprofit organization’s President and CEO since its inception until this year. WIT’s mission is to promote gender diversity and the employment of women in the trucking industry. It also serves to remove obstacles that may hold women back from success in the transportation industry and to celebrate the achievements of its members. Her credentials are impressive and she has certainly been an asset to our organization. 

Ellen’s perspective and experience within the trucking industry have helped support the ministry work of TFC Global. In 1996 when I wrote for the trucking publication RPM Magazine, I received a letter from Ellen which I still have. She was inquiring about my graduate degree in trucker health and fitness while pursuing different avenues in her trucking future. Never did I ever think I would sit on a Board of Directors with her 25 years later! She has a heart for this industry and I am honored to know her as a kindred spirit. We have been blessed to have her at the helm and will certainly miss her! – Lynn Bolster, Board Member 

As Ellen Voie’s time as the First Woman Chairperson on the TFC Global Board of Directors draws to a close, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for her service. Board service is the toughest volunteer role, and she took on her duties with dedication, grace, and seriousness. More than her amazing ability as a leader and Chairperson to allow our team the autonomy we needed to create the organization we now have in place, I am most grateful for her active leadership as a judicious steward of our organization. She always carefully deliberated on matters before the Board, even when the decisions were difficult. It has been once said, “Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.” She is both wise and virtuous, and I am grateful she has shared those qualities with the Board and team of TFC Global. I will certainly miss working with her as a Board member, but I look forward to staying in touch for years to come. – Ron Fraser, President/CEO TFC Global 

The quality I will remember most about Ellen is her support of me both professionally and personally. I was under an extreme amount of work-related responsibility, yet she took the time to give suggestions on how to lessen my load. In addition, she would ask what I was doing outside of work to make sure I was getting rest and being refreshed by hobbies or relaxing activities. That support speaks volumes about the value of a healthy employee in mind and body. I both needed and appreciated that deeply. – Joanna Maart, VP Operations/Administration

Ellen will continue to speak on trucking-related issues for Women in Trucking as well as spend time pursuing her hobby of flying and piloting her plane plus engaging with her grandchildren more often. We wish her well and are thankful for her service to our organization.

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