TFC Global’s Corporate Chaplains Network Casualty and Loss Program

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By: Craig Maart

We are always seeking God for ways to get into spaces where the needs of the trucking community exist. Through prayer and networking, there are many ways to consider adding to what we offer with our chaplaincy services to the trucking community. One new way is in the category of casualty and loss. Unfortunately, what we are experiencing is it takes a tragedy before a company or family realizes they are without personal chaplain care and help in the event of casualty and loss.

We have had enough situations where death or serious injury has occurred, and then we get a call asking if we will step in with chaplaincy services. Imagine getting a call from a company asking if you can call a family member of a driver who died in an accident on the road, and the family is asking why God would allow their husband/father to die like that. That’s not a fun call to take, but that is why God has us in place. That’s why advanced training of our chaplains takes place. The impact of a death or traumatic injury on a company and family is massive. The culture of the company is affected, and how a company handles a casualty and loss situation sends a loud message that they care or don’t really care for their employees.

TFC Global’s Corporate Chaplains Network now offers a special on-call chaplaincy program that provides a casualty and loss program that allows large trucking companies and trucking-related organizations to get the right kind of help before a crisis occurs. There are also options for independent drivers and smaller trucking companies to purchase a plan that provides the benefits of this program. On-call chaplaincy services are available to independent drivers also.

One company had a tragedy happen and the state police came to the company office and told the next of kin the bad news and then left. There was no chaplain presence to support the employee to work through this shocking loss of life. Human Resource departments are not set up to care for casualty and loss situations, and it can take up a lot of time and resources. Bringing in our chaplaincy services takes this heavy load off owners and provides the care and help your company will require with chaplaincy care for employees and the family of the deceased or seriously injured. One thing we offer is to host a CISM debrief (Critical Incident Stress Management) with the added benefit of Christian counseling and care for the employees of your company.

Our On-Call with Casualty and Loss Chaplaincy Services provides:

  • Contacting a licensed funeral home for embalming or cremation services
  • Arrange transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home or service center for preparation
  • Secure and organize all documentation for transportation of the deceased back home
  • Arrange funeral home and transportation services at the home location of the deceased
  • Chaplaincy care for the company and family of the deceased

It’s time to take action. What TFC Global offers through Casualty and Loss Chaplaincy Services is a unique and powerful way to care for a company and family in the event of a tragedy. Contact us at or call us at 717-426-9977.

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