What’s New In International Ministries?

Igor Smits and Adriaan and Marina Fourie - International Ministry Updates

TFC Global is excited to announce two new additions to our International Ministries family!

First of all, we recently received this request from the Netherlands: “Good evening, my name is Igor Smits. I would like to know what is needed to have a TFC Global ministry in the Netherlands. I am familiar with TFC as I was a truck driver in the United States from 2006 until

2019; I had visited chapels in Canada and the USA often. In 2019 I moved back to the Netherlands and wanted to start a trucker’s ministry here. It is quite difficult here as the The Netherlands is officially a non-believing country. I also did a two-year course at Easton Bible College from 2017 till 2019, earning an associate’s degree in Biblical studies. I hope that there will be a TFC Global ministry here in the Netherlands and Western Europe soon, if that is possible. God bless, Igor Smits.”

After much prayer and after doing our due diligence, along with seeking more information, we believe God would have us move forward in the Netherlands. We are setting up a TFC Global Netherlands entity and will begin doing ministry in that country shortly. Please pray for Igor and his team as they begin doing ministry to the trucking community in Western Europe.

Secondly, God has also opened the door for us to have a director on the ground in Africa to oversee our regional directors and entities in Malawi and Tanzania, as well as further expansion in Africa. His name is Adriaan Fourie. He and his wife Marina presently have a ministry called South African Truckers Ministry. In the past two years, SATM has served in more than 73 outreaches covering more than eighteen towns and cities across South Africa providing more than 1,200 truck drivers with encouragement and guidance on Christian and moral-based issues, traveling more than 11,7760 kilometers. Adriaan’s background includes nine years’ experience as a South African Police Service special ops fingerprint expert, draughtsman, and crime photographer; six years as a SAPS fraud detective; fourteen years as a missions mobilizer, initiator, and projects co-coordinator, and 21 Years as a missionary. For the last four years, the couple has served through the South African Truckers Ministry. We are glad to have them as part of the TFC Global leadership team.

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