Why Truck Drivers Are So Essential to Our Lives

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week logo and truck driver

Every year, we set aside a special week to celebrate and appreciate the tireless efforts of the unsung heroes who keep America moving—truck drivers. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, lasting from September 10-17 this year is an important opportunity to recognize the critical role truck drivers play in maintaining our nation’s economy and way of life.

Data from the American Trucking Associations reveal just how much of our daily lives are made possible by truck drivers. Over 80% of all American communities rely exclusively on trucking to transport essential goods like food, household supplies, medicine, and more. Take a look at your dinner plate. There’s a good chance that all of your food, your silverware, and even your dining table was transported by a truck. And that’s not all – it’s also very likely that your house was built with materials brought in by trucks!

It’s often difficult to comprehend the true impact truck drivers have because we don’t realize how much we rely on truck drivers to keep crucial services running. So here’s a better visual. If the trucking industry stopped completely, it would only take three days for grocery stores across America to run out of stock, and it would only take a few hours for hospitals to run out of basic medical supplies. 

Though truck driving is so essential, it is not an easy job. Truck driving can be extremely lonely – long hours on the road prevent truck drivers from being able to see their family, leading to mental health issues. Moreover, truckers’ unhealthy lifestyle that comes from driving for 8+ hours a day and a lack of nutritional options on the road pose health risks such as obesity and high blood pressure. Many of these men and women who are so essential to our economy make countless sacrifices in order to keep our country running, so it’s even more important not to take their service for granted. 

From delivering essential goods to fueling economic growth, truck drivers are truly the backbone of our country. Though much of their work is behind the scenes, the extent of their impact can be seen almost everywhere we look. Let’s not let this essential work go unappreciated. We can honor the crucial role of the 3.6 million professional truck drivers nationwide during this year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

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