Why Trucking Companies Need Chaplains

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By: Craig Maart

When is the best time to make sure you have an umbrella or rain jacket? Before it starts raining, of course. When is the best time to look for an attorney, doctor, chiropractor, more reliable car, or toilet paper? When is the best time to set up a will? It is before you need it. Would you prefer to go to a doctor who has known you for years or a different doctor every time? Would you prefer the state take care of your estate in place of a will? Um, NO! When is the best time to prioritize a chaplain’s presence? Same answer: before you need it.

A chaplain’s presence is critical because a chaplain is more likely to be approached by someone who is not part of a church. The term chaplain is a lot more “safe” and acceptable in 2023 versus the title “pastor”. Because of recent highly publicized failures in some churches and denominations, many people are hesitant to trust our religious organizations again. Another reason people are skeptical is because most churches gave into government overreach during the pandemic. When people needed the church the most, churches were not open and available to them. It will take time for people to believe in what a church is supposed to represent. Therefore, the presence and role of a chaplain have increased in value. 

It is the same with chaplaincy. Life is hard, messy, and disaster is inevitable. During a hardship, mess or disaster is not the time to look for someone to care for you, be with you, listen to you, connect you to resources, and keep checking in on you. A chaplain needs to be in place before the inevitable poo of life happens. 

So, we are working to get TFC Global chaplains into more trucking companies. We have had chaplains in place before a bad truck accident occurred, a shooting, emergency surgery of a driver’s baby girl, a woman taking in her grandkids because her daughter was sent to prison, a driver’s relationship with his girlfriend broke off due to pornography addiction, and more. Without a chaplain’s presence, a company is left to deal with the fallout by themselves. These kinds of situations are not part of what HR departments handle. A trained TFC Global chaplain could be in place for times like these.

Why does a trucking company need a chaplain in place before disaster strikes:

• Life issues, with no one to talk to, distract from productivity which costs companies money

• Distracted employees are a danger in the workplace

• Employees are going to vent at work. Would you rather have it with a chaplain or with other employees? 80% of low work productivity is caused by presenteeism (being there physically, but not really being there to work)

Benefits a chaplain provides:

• A trusted and confidential listening presence

• Accountability to company owners and management

• Spiritual guidance toward a transformed life

• A company culture that cares for employees beyond the job

• Relational equity when rough stuff happens

• Fast and personal access to your chaplain

• Healthier employees are more stable and productive, improving the bottom line

• On-scene care in the event of an accident, trauma, or death of an employee

As you can see, it is critical to have a chaplain’s presence in trucking companies before their services are needed. Imagine going to the scene of an accident, handling a shooting, dealing with a violently disgruntled employee, or having the police come to your company to arrest someone without a chaplain’s presence. Now think about the difference a chaplain’s presence would make in these scenarios. There is a big difference. TFC Global chaplains are called by God, trained, experienced, and ready to come alongside a trucking company to provide loving care for all employees in your company.

To find out how we can benefit your company, contact me at craigm@tfcglobal.org or call 717-426-9977. We have chaplains ready and eager to serve you.

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