Chaplain’s Corner: Word of Mouth

Older man talking with younger man

By: Craig Maart

We all know personal connections are an essential part of life. The saying is true, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. 

As I look at the landscape of the trucking industry and have conversations with drivers and trucking company management, I hear the plea for help more than ever. I don’t mean a plea for workers, although that is also needed. I am talking about personal pleas for help with making sense of life. The reasons America is apparently divided are many and one could easily argue this apparent division is by design. It’s good for some businesses to create conflict. The reality is life after Covid is still settling. Things are not as firm to settle into as they used to be. There is more uncertainty than ever. As a result, the consequences on people’s lives have been devastating. This is especially true in the trucking community where people typically spend more time in isolation as part of their job. 

Therefore, the need for chaplains has increased greatly. Everyone I talk to about chaplaincy to the trucking community realizes how important it is. The trucking community needs chaplain’s care and spiritual guidance to the transforming message of the gospel of Jesus. 

This is where you come in. You know people. We need chaplains. You, or someone you may know, could make a great chaplain. We are seeking to bring in men called by God to serve in a ministry of presence and to do something to care for the spiritual needs of the trucking community. We are seeking those who feel called by God to become a chaplain. 

Therefore, if you, or someone you may know, senses a calling of God to pursue chaplaincy, contact me at If you can see yourself serving in a ministry of presence with people, praying with people, providing Bible-based counseling, providing resources and sharing the gospel, then you need to contact me. Being a chaplain is rewarding. Difficult, but like most difficult things, very rewarding. Check out the photo above from our last Chaplain Training Institute. 

For more information, visit the Employment Page on our website here. Here you will be able to see information on TFC Global, the position description, chaplain qualifications, responsibilities and skills needed to be a chaplain and the application process. Look these over and help us by sending this to qualified people you know or give me a call yourself and let’s talk. Heaven and hell for eternity hang in the balance for everyone, therefore we need courageous men who will embrace this adventure with us. 

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