Chaplain Job Description

Position Description:

Since 1951 TFC Global has served to “evangelize, educate and equip members of the trucking community and their families and help them grow in their faith.” We provide chaplaincy services to the trucking community through holistic, preventative, crisis care and spiritual guidance. We provide a caring presence that meets people where they are at, give Biblical Worldview counsel and guide people to a transformed life through the work of Jesus Christ.

Chaplain Qualifications:

  • Must be saved, by repenting of sin, receiving God’s grace, and asking for forgiveness for your sin through faith in the substitutionary blood sacrifice of Jesus.
  • Must be a mature and bold follower of Jesus. Demonstrates a life and reputation of faithfulness to Jesus and high standards of Christian living and Biblically based decisions.
  • Must be able to clearly articulate the gospel and train others to share the gospel in a clear and simple way.
  • Faithfully attend and support a local evangelical church.
  • Integrate Biblical principles and a Christian worldview into all ministry objectives and goals.
  • Must unreservedly affirm and commit to the TFC Global Statement of Faith and mission.
  • Has the clear and open support of their spouse (where applicable) to enter chaplaincy ministry.
  • Has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, Counseling, Chaplaincy, or Christian Care from an accredited college or university. (Master’s degree preferred)
  • Has 3+ years of experience in a leadership position with a ministry, business, or other organization.
  • Has entrepreneurial abilities, passion, and a personality to develop chaplaincy services in a region.
  • Has the ability to boldly approach trucking companies and truck stop owners to secure chaplaincy ministry in their organization.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Responsibilities for Chaplains:

    • Stay freshly connected to God and His work to you and through you.
    • Complete the CTI (Chaplain Training Institute) 20-hour training and TFC Global orientation.
    • Provide Biblical worldview and Bible based counsel to individuals, groups, or families concerning their spiritual, emotional, or personal needs.
    • Work to make connections, network, and pursue trucking company owners to secure chaplaincy service contracts.
    • Raise prayer and financial support.
    • Be prepared to present the work of TFC Global to various churches, groups, and trucking companies.
    • Develop a working relationship with truck stop management, community leaders, Police Departments, Fire Departments to be a familiar chaplain they know they can trust and call on in the case of an incident requiring a chaplain’s assistance.
    • Develop and train a “chapter”: A team of people that work together to help with ministry development, raise financial support and help build community in the trucking community in your area; (host breakfasts/dinners, driver appreciation events, host prayer meetings, host chapel services, find ways to get company owners and drivers together to listen to each other and trouble shoot to provide for the needs of the trucking community).
    • Thank faith partners (donors) regularly and send out quarterly newsletters.
    • Be accountable to the oversight of the VP of US Operations. Regular communication, submit monthly log reports and calendars.
    • Organize and lead Bible studies and prayer groups with people you serve in your area.
    • Respond to requests for assistance during emergencies or crises (On call 24/7)
  • Develop a network of trusted resources to refer people for ongoing counseling and/or community support services as needed. (Christian Women’s Care Centers, Food Banks, Shelters, Counseling Services, Trusted Christian Churches, ect.)
  • Pursue ongoing training: CISM, Counseling, Crisis Response, Trauma Care, Human Trafficking
  • Perform administrative duties as a minister center: ordering supplies/resources, financial reports, faith partner communication, agreements, email communication.
  • Must follow Matthew 18 principles in addressing any differences or conflicts that may arise with TFC Global employees, chaplains, and IO staff.
  • Be competent with computers: internet, Microsoft Office: Word and Excel, PDFs, Outlook email and portal access (training is provided, but basic competency is required).


TFC Global is a Christian Faith Based Non-Profit organization. We submit ourselves to God and have developed a culture of prayer and dependency on God. As part of this culture, we know we are to act in faith with boldness and courage based on our spiritual calling, passion, and giftedness.

All TFC Global employees are responsible for raising awareness, prayer and funds for the organization and chaplain’s service area. As a faith-based non-profit, there are no automatic salaries for chaplains. Chaplains are to raise funds through faith partners (donors) and work to secure chaplaincy service contracts in trucking companies. Therefore, compensation is twofold: 1. Funds raised through faith partners 2. Hourly pay while under contract with a trucking company.

The IO (International Operations/Base of TFC Global Operations) provide organizational support, administrative services and training to equip you with methods to enlist faith partners and trucking company contracts.

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