The Corporate Chaplains Network provides chaplaincy services to the trucking community through holistic preventative crisis care, and spiritual guidance. We customize chaplaincy services to the needs of your company.

Every Organization Needs a Chaplain

Why does a trucking company need a chaplain in place before disaster strikes?

  • Life issues, with no one to talk to, distract from productivity which costs companies money
  • Distracted employees are a danger in the workplace
  • Employees are going to vent at work. Would you rather have them talking with a chaplain or with other employees?
  • 80% of low work productivity is caused by presenteeism (being there physically, but not really being there to work)

It is critical to have a chaplain’s presence in trucking companies before their services are needed

Four Point Access


When you partner with TFC Global, an onsite orientation will be organized to introduce your chaplain to your team to learn about the benefits available to them. This is the first step to building a relationship centered on trust.


Your TFC Global chaplain will meet with your staff based on the information included in the CCN agreement. These meetings could be onsite on a regular schedule or need-based interactions. The meetings are voluntary and permission-based gatherings.


Your team wil have access to their chaplain for one-on-one care sessions onsite and offsite based on the CCN agreement. These sessions are intended to foster relationships and demonstrate care for your team members. This creates a company culture of care.

24/7 Chaplain Access

Your company will be provided with a unique phone number to connect with your chaplain. Resources for a variety of support needs will be provided as requested. Crisis care for traumatic events is available to all employees including executive staff and support staff.

Bring Corporate Chaplaincy to Your Organization

Benefits a TFC Global chaplain provides

  • Trusted and confidential listening presence

  • Accountability to company owners and management

  • Spiritual guidance toward a transformed life

  • Company culture that cares for employees beyond the job

  • Relational equity when rough stuff happens

  • Quick access to your chaplain

  • Healthier employees are more stable and productive

Understand the Why, What, & How of TFC Global’s CCN

Interested In Joining Our Mission as a Chaplain?

If you’re interested in serving in a ministry of presence, establishing relationships, Biblically counseling and connecting people to resources, leading Bible studies, being looked to for community leadership, giving spiritual guidance, and seeing people become saved from their sin, please fill out our online chaplain application form.

We seek men who will take initiative and have a bit of an entrepreneurial drive to develop their service area. TFC Global chaplains also develop a team to serve, support and expand the presence and impact of GOD in the trucking community. This requires action, patience, flexibility, and mobility.