man thinking and writing at desk Sep 21

Knowing What to Do, But Not How

If you have followed TFC Global for the past few years and have been reading the Gateway to Freedom Foundation articles, you’re fully aware that one of the main issues […]

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ministry updates malawi with globe in background Sep 21

Ministry Highlights – Malawi

Ministry Stories: “I have been working for many years as a driver and cross the Mwanza border post many times in my life. I have never met this kind of […]

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week logo and truck driver Sep 10

Why Truck Drivers Are So Essential to Our Lives

Every year, we set aside a special week to celebrate and appreciate the tireless efforts of the unsung heroes who keep America moving—truck drivers. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, lasting […]

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two truck drivers standing in front of fleet of trucks Sep 05

Chaplain’s Corner: Help Spread the Word

By: Craig Maart This past August 27-31 was the latest CTI (Chaplains Training Institute). It was a fun thing to see all the new chaplains God is bringing to TFC […]

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A word from our president september 2023 Sep 05

A Word from Our President

Is God in the driver’s seat? I want to start this article by asking “Is God in the driver’s seat of your life?” Sadly to say for most people, He […]

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young girl being a superhero Aug 07

Be A Hero in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Be a hero in the fight against sex trafficking Did you know in the U.S., 10 million men pay an average of $100 per transaction soliciting prostitution, and an average […]

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family talking while phones away in basket Aug 07

Digital Rehab – Part 1

By: Brad Huddleston In my previous articles, Digital Cocaine – Part 1 and Part 2, I discussed the real issue of digital addiction. I explained that brain scans of digital […]

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tomato sauce and ingredients on table Aug 07

Chaplain’s Corner: The Chaplain’s Secret Sauce

By: Craig Maart A good chaplain serves primarily with a ministry of presence. For some people, this may seem odd, and they would quickly dismiss the effectiveness of this essential […]

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Truck fueling up at diesel gas pump Aug 07

TruckStruck: Adventures with Fuel

By: Lynn Bolster In the scrap world, there are dangers but one of the most volatile is fuel. Flashpoints of various fuels differ and you have to be mighty careful […]

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pictures from Malawi ministry Aug 07

Ministry Highlights – Malawi

Ministry Stories “I am really blessed to be a communications director for TFC Global Malawi. Working with this team though I am still young has seen me learning a lot […]

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