Interstate Trucking Ministries

What is a TFC Global Interstate Ministry Missionary Driver?

Interstate Ministry: teams of two drivers who stop at rest areas along the highways to bring an encouraging presence to whomever they meet. Drivers also can represent TFC Global at truck shows around the country.

James & Cynthia Hodge Join the TFC Global Team

James and Cynthia both know that nothing happens without God. We all should know we can’t and don’t do anything without Him. They realized that God is with us in every step, thought, hope, dream, and desire that each of us has.

Their journey began with James’ testimony. His story could apply to you, me, a family member, a friend, a coworker, or someone rich or poor. He ran from God until he couldn’t run anymore. Conviction brought him to his knees, and God showed him his calling. The Lord wanted him to reach out to others. He wondered where all the people were that he was supposed to reach. James had been a truck driver for over 30 years and away from his home and family; the calling suddenly made sense.

The Hodges decided to support drivers and their families while traveling across the United States through a ministry called Trucking for the Word of God. Their custom-designed trailer has visited many shows. Their mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ and help bring people closer to Him won’t change. They will travel to truck shows, churches, and other events, stopping a tr e s t areas on their journey to minister to the drivers they meet or share about the ministry of TFC Global and what God is doing in the trucking community.

Interstate Trucking Ministries is a new program for TFC Global. The trailer pictured has been converted into living quarters and a gathering space that will allow James and Cynthia to be a blessing to everyone they meet on the highway.

If you visit a truck show in your area, see if this trailer is part of the show and say hello. You can also follow them on TFC Global’s social media (@tfcglobaltruckingministry) (Facebook), @tfcglobal (Instagram), and Linkedin).

To schedule them for an event in your area or to speak at your church, email or call our office at 717-426-9977. Consideration for your event will be given based on available openings and scheduling.