Chaplaincy Across the World

TFC Global’s International Ministries reach outside of the United States and into the greater world. We currently are pursuing partnerships on two continents and are continuing to expand. This arm of our ministry works with indigenous leaders, trained and supported, to create T C Global, government-registered, entities to satisty Homeland Security requirements. Information from brochure with photos.


In early 2023, a partnership began with TFC Global who desired to have someone with ample trucking ministry experience and who resided in Africa to oversee their African ministries, providing accountability in-country as well as encouragement for our regional directors.

A dedicated missionary couple with diverse backgrounds, including police work and corporate roles, Adriaan Fourie and his wife Marina, have been serving in South Africa for over 27 years. Their journey led them to establish the Southern Africa Trucking Ministry (SATM) in 2017, focusing on providing spiritual and practical support to truckers across Africa. With strategic locations at 22 truck stops, 2 major ports, and 8 border posts, they aim to serve 10 truckers per hour with prayer and encouragement. Leveraging social media, SATM reaches over 6,000 truckers on Facebook and over 2,960 professional connections on LinkedIn.

Adriaan is our Director of African Ministries. In that role, he provides oversight with an in-country perspective and the ability to travel to our African locations for training and encouragement. We rely on his substantial ministry and leadership experience and really enjoy talking to him when he joins our meetings virtually.


Meet Igor Smits. Igor first emailed our organization to ask about help in setting up a ministry to truckers in the Netherlands. He wanted to know what would be needed to do ministry. He was familiar with TFC when he was a truck driver in the United States from 2006 until 2019. He visited chapels at truck stops in Canada and the USA often. In 2019 he moved back to the Netherlands and felt led to reach out to us for information on starting a trucker’s ministry here. He shared that it would probably be quite difficult to have a ministry here since the Netherlands is officially a non-believing country. He also did a two-year course at Easton Bible College from 2017 to 2019, earning an associate’s degree in Biblical studies.

Please pray for Igor and his team as they begin doing ministry to the trucking community in Western Europe. He has communicated with several truck stops asking permission to put our magazine, the Highway News, out in the lounge area for drivers to read and take with them. Pray for a meeting place at one of those truck stops that would allow Igor to have a service.

The Mission Cry Story

For nearly 70 years Mission Cry has been sending the Word of God and Christian books around the globe. Mission Cry has sent nearly $500 million worth of donated Bibles and Christian books to over 179 nations around the world. They encourage people to send their extra Bibles and Christian books that are sitting on their shelves, in libraries, universities, or churches.

The organization then takes those Bibles and Christian books through a sorting process where they are then boxed, palletized, and loaded onto a sea container to be sent around the world. Our recipients and Mission Cry missionaries on the ground can release the container and distribute these materials. Together, we are equipping orphanages, evangelists, missionaries, pastors, and church members, and setting up lending libraries and Bible schools abroad.

Together, TFC Global and Mission Cry are equipping chaplains to reach the trucking community and their families abroad. To send a sea container it costs the ministry approximately $11,000, however, within the container there is nearly $500,000.00 worth of donated Bibles, Christian-authored books, Christian educational materials, and seminary curriculum that are distributed for free.

YOU can let the world hear your Mission Cry by considering a partnership with TFC Global in the following ways:

  1. Sponsor Mission Cry Bibles to be printed for $2.25 (TFC Global branded Bible).
  2. Sponsor a container by paying to have it shipped overseas. Your name or your company’s name will be part of all publications announcing this partnership. Mission Cry does try to raise funds for a portion of this cost.
  3. Be creative! Host a garage sale with all proceeds going to purchase Bibles for Africa. Do a walk-a-thon with pledges for each lap.

The drivers in the trucking community and their families need Bibles. How can you help?

Mission Cry takes care of all of the logistics required for the container to reach its destination. Video and photo testimonials of every part of the journey and the distribution process are recorded for TFC Global and will become part of our marketing program. They also take care of all of the wrapping and packing of the materials for the container. Bibles and other materials can be picked up from your home or place of business by state representatives who will then get those materials to Michigan for sorting and packaging. Become part of getting the gospel to people around the world. What a mission.

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