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Chaplains International is a licensing body organized as a fellowship of chaplains. Our primary focus is to train chaplains in general chaplaincy information and crisis response. The training is 20 hours of intense learning through a classroom setting and through role playing scenarios. Providing a ministry of presence in times of grief and tragic loss is the main goal of a chaplain. Going outside the walls of a church and the role of a pastor, a chaplain can care for people in a unique way.

Get licensed and credentialed through Chaplains International.

Why Choose CI Training?

  • Worldwide recognition from law enforcement, prison systems, and emergency services
  • Material focuses on effectively serving people by giving emotional and spiritual support
  • Instructors are professional; curriculum is thorough
  • In-depth teaching on ethics, death notifications, and body language evaluation are only a few
    topics covered.
  • Instructor, training manual, extra resources, lodging and meals, and application processing all for one low price

Choose your level

  • Ordained, credentialed chaplain: completes course, passes exam, has documented ministry experience, receives ordination and licensing through Chaplains International
  • Chaplain assistant: completes course, passes exam, has no documented ministry experience, receives a two-year intermediate position through Chaplains International

Chaplaincy Training Institute:

Since 2006, CTI has been a Christian training leader for chaplain in their community and industry. In today’s world of natural disasters and emotional crises, the art of communication and understanding the liability that comes with the chaplain’s work is paramount. Al too often, new chaplains are let go because they do not understand the protocols of the industry they are serving. CTI is a powerful learning tool to help you advance your ministry. You can be confident that you are learning from some of the best and most experienced instructors.