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Learn more about how chaplaincy services support your company’s mission and bottom line.

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If your drivers were at their best, how much would that impact your company’s performance?  Holistically healthier employees perform better and contribute more positively to your organization. Learn how you can drive your business forward with chaplaincy services.


What if you could better support the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of your drivers and company personnel? The need is there; people are struggling with all that is happening in the world. Learn how you can better care for your people, without overwhelming and burning out your HR staff.

How does a chaplain fit in with your existing company environment?

Corporate Chaplains Network

providing chaplaincy services to the trucking community through holistic, preventive, crisis care and spiritual guidance.

Gateway to Freedom Foundation

Dedicated to putting human trafficking out of business by equipping local communities to reduce and end the demand for consumer sex.

Chaplains International & Training Program

Joining over one thousand credentialed chaplains through training offered by TFC Global, an authorized instructor.

International Ministries

Working with indigenous leaders, trained and supported, to create TFC Global, government-registered, entities

Interstate Trucking Ministries

Teams of drivers who travel to rest areas along the highways to bring an encouraging presence to whomever they meet.

Truckerslife Foundation

In the event of a death or debilitating injury to a driver, TFC Global provides logistic support and chaplaincy services to reunite families with their loved ones.

Your Contributions Change Lives

TFC Global is an international non-profit organization with the goal of providing chaplaincy services to the trucking community. Through your support, we continue to make a a massive impact on the lives of professional drivers and their families.