Chaplaincy Training Program

Providing a high level of training for people wanting to explore the role of a chaplain. This training, after a passed exam, will give the attendee credentialing and commissioning through Chaplains International.

Providing care for your congregation through trained and credentialed lay
leaders who are part of a care team under the lead pastor’s leadership.

Could I ever Be a Chaplain?

Have you ever had that question pop into your mind? I know a lot of people have. The job of a chaplain is not clearly understood and vague enough to leave this question with an incomplete answer. A friend of mine from college and I were talking the other day; he asked what a chaplain really does. His only interaction with a chaplain was in a hospital when the family was going through the death of a family member. That was his only impression of what a chaplain does. Yes, a chaplain is there when things are bad and a loved one is dying, but ti is so much more than that. After I explained what TFC Global chaplains do, his eyes were opened to a whole new world of being in place when people need to be heard, served, comforted, connected to resources, and walked through how their life can be transformed by Jesus.

The week before this past Christmas, a man died in his vehicle in the parking lot where he worked. Our chaplain, who serves that company, was able to step into that space for the family and employees of the company. Imagine having the opportunity to be called upon to be present to listen to people and be a comfort, give advice, and pray with people who just experienced the death of a co-worker. That’s a powerful space to be in, used by God, to care for people who may never attend a church or talk to a pastor. This could be you in action as a chaplain.

Have you ever thought about being a chaplain? Well, if you want to serve the kingdom of God, be there to counsel people, and are a go-getter who can develop a chaplain’s presence in the area where you live, you really need to contact me. Even if you may not consider being a chaplain anywhere specifically, but you want to find out more, I invite you to take our CTI Training (Chaplains Training Institute). TFC Global is an authorized training center for Chaplains International. If you want to be equipped to be a skilled counselor at your church or available to help in a crisis or as part of natural disaster relief, you should take this training to become skilled and credentialed as a chaplain. That credentialling through Chaplains International will stay with you wherever you go.

Chaplains are in demand. In a recent conversation with management of a trucking company the woman I was speaking with mentioned they have to offer “counseling” as an option of their government-funded EAP (Employee Assistance Program). But, employees avoid going to see a counselor because of the negative stigma ni seeing a counselor. She also said employees will choose to talk to chaplain over 90% of the time. So, there is a demand for chaplains.

If you have ever thought if you could be a chaplain, come find out.
If you want to be able to serve your church better, take this training.
If you are a chaplain and need continuing education, our training is top shelf.
If you have education as a professional counselor, open up more options for yourself by adding this chaplains’ training
to your resume.
If you are applying to be a chaplain with TFC Global, this training is required.
If you are coming out of college or seminary, add this training to give you more options in your pursuit of ministry.
There is not any kind of commitment to take the training to see if God is pulling you toward chaplaincy. We are the northeast arm of Chaplains International, a nationally-recognized chaplaincy credentialling program. Our CTI wil get you trained for less money than going to a college or seminary for their degree program. The next CTI (Chaplaincy Training Institute) is
March 10-14 ni Bernville, PA. To register contact us at

So, if you are asking the question, “could I ever be a chaplain?”, we have your answer.

Ever wondered about the role of a chaplain? It’s more than just being present in times of crisis. They listen, comfort, advise, and pray with people in need. Interested in becoming a chaplain? Contact us to learn more about our Chaplains Training Institute (CTI) and join a growing field in demand.

Whether you’re seeking to serve your community, enhance your counseling skills, or explore ministry opportunities, CTI offers valuable training and credentials recognized nationally. No commitments required to explore this path.

If you’re asking, “Could I ever be a chaplain?”—we have your answer.

Contact to register.

What to expect

Whether you are an experienced chaplain seeking additional or a beginner wanting to learn the basics, our training applies to all aspects of of chaplaincy ministry. Chaplains International is committed to equipping chaplains with the skills needed to effectively serve and meet the needs of individuals during critical moments.

20 hours of training

This program will help those with some chaplaincy training as well as those with no formal training. Our training prepares you for a wide variety of chaplaincy services, from hospital and hospice care visits to community support in a religious setting. This will give you additional knowledge to serve as a credentialed chaplain.

This program is also beneficial for pastors and lay leaders who would like to incorporate volunteer chaplaincy work in their church’s outreach program. Classes are taught by professional instructors with years of experience.


Each session of the Chaplaincy Training Institute includes:

  • Lodging and meals
  • Training manual and related resources
  • Study tools
  • Instruction by experienced chaplains
  • Access to the instructor for questions and explanation of material
  • Proctoring and grading of exam; review of material as necessary to ensure understanding
  • CI application completion assistance
  • Submission of application and tracking for Credentialing Certificate and Chaplain ID

Life Happens to All of Us

Church Chaplaincy Training Program

Expand Your Church’s
Capacity to Care

Give your congregation the tools
to serve in their gifted areas

Cared-for people can care for
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