District Manager Job Description

Position Description:

Since 1951 TFC Global has served to “evangelize, educate, and equip members of the trucking community and their families to help them grow in their faith.” We provide chaplaincy services to the trucking community through holistic, preventive, crisis care, and spiritual guidance. We provide a caring presence that meets people where they are, gives Biblical worldview counsel, and guides people to a transformed life through the work of Jesus Christ.

District Manager Qualifications:

  • Must be a mature Christian and have a clear calling to the work of the ministry
  • Has a Biblical standard for Christian living in their own life and believes the Bible is the final authority on everything regarding faith and practice
  • Can articulate a calling from God on your life for full-time Christian service
  • Has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in theology, counseling, leadership (or similar); a master’s degree is preferred.
  • Is submissive to God and makes decisions based primarily on a Biblical worldview
  • 5 years experience in a leadership position in a ministry, business, or other organization
  • Affirms TFC Global’s Statement of Faith.
  • Has the personality and ability to be entrepreneurial, outgoing, a goal-setter, and capable of ministry development from scratch in a district.
  • Must be able to lead independently of daily oversight yet be appropriately accountable to the VP of US Operations.
  • Must have spiritual maturity for endurance in the process of district development and the grit to get it done.
  • Has good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Has the ability to demonstrate a high-level professional presence, convey credibility, and command attention.
  • Has a passion for ministry to the trucking community and chaplaincy-related experience.
  • Knows how to balance administrative responsibilities with “boots-on-the-ground” leadership and action.
  • Has a valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle, and insurance that meets the TFC Global requirements.
  • Be competent with computers: internet, Microsoft Office: Word and Excel, PDFs, Outlook email and cloud-based portal access, and social media (training is provided, but basic competency is required)

District Manager Expectations:

  • Is called of God, passionate about building God’s kingdom, and a proven leader who can develop our chaplaincy presence in a district of the country.
  • Understand this is a high-level professional leadership position; conveys authority, credibility, and commands attention.
  • Has a proven track record in development and is capable of expanding TFC Global chaplaincy services to the trucking community in a district of the country.
  • Must be a visionary who sees the vision that started in 1951 and can move that vision forward into the future.
  • Needs to see the big picture of the ministry vision and have faith in the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Needs endurance, grit, and faith-based optimism in the process of developing and seeing chaplains placed and serving full time within their district.
  • Is NOT a chaplain, but needs to know how to lead, guide, equip, and encourage chaplains in their district.
  • Have the clear and open support of their spouse (where applicable).
  • Accountable to the VP of US Operations.
  • Work from a “Home Office” where they live

District Manager Responsibilities:

  • Networks, recruits, trains, places, supports, coaches, holds accountable, and encourages chaplains in their district.
  • Builds relationships with chaplains, making sure they have needed resources.
  • Skilled and experienced in development:
  • Knowledgeable of all the resources available from TFC Global
  • Represents and presents our Corporate Chaplain’s Network (CNN)
  • Customizes strategic presentations to various settings (trucking companies, churches, other organizations, sponsors, and individuals)
  • Sets goals and plans to network within the district for exposure and opportunities to talk about TFC Global Corporate Chaplin’s Network (CCN)
  • Connects with trucking companies, truck stops, churches, sponsors, and individuals, with the goal of securing funding and placing TFC Global chaplains at locations in your district
  • Learned and knows what the job description, expectations, and on-boarding process consists of for TFC Global chaplain candidates.
  • Communicates personally 1X/Week with the VP of US Operations.
  • Communicate 2X/Month or more with each chaplain in your district.
  • Checks on them, their marriage, family, and spiritual health
  • Checks on their spiritual endurance and gauge where encouragement and guidance is needed most
  • Hosts an in-person or video meeting 1x/a month with all chaplains in your district that includes::
  • Time with God: prayer and short Bible time
  • Encouragement
  • Assessment of district
  • Gives necessary announcements and information from the IO and VP of US Operations
  • Collects and assesses calendars and monthly logs; and sends them to the VP of US Operations.
  • Communicate success stories and potential issues to the VP of US Operations.
  • Holds chaplains accountable for their goals:
  • Contact companies, churches, and organizations for contracts, support, or opportunities to present the work of TFC Global
  • Develop a “chapter” with regular meetings, events, and service opportunities
  • Completes a 90-day evaluation once a year
  • Handles any tough situations with a chaplain or issues with their chaplaincy services
  • Visits in person three times a year to encourage, check in, assess their work, and keep the mission expanding and moving forward.
  • Networks and recruits new chaplain candidates and trucking company contracts.
  • Works with the VP of US Operations for placement and establishment of new chaplains in your district.
  • Keeps records of trucking companies and truck stops where TFC Global Chaplains provide services.
  • Check-ins with established and contracted trucking company leadership to verify chaplaincy services are being over-delivered and assesses the potential for providing more to the people of that company:
  • Bible Studies
  • Prayer gatherings
  • GTFF exposure and awareness events

District Manager Required Training:

District Managers are professionally trained and experts on the mission and vision of TFC Global, its strategy, and the resources available to develop a district with a chaplaincy presence.

  • Sharing Hope in Crisis (online training)
  • 20 Hour CTI Training (Chaplains Training Institute) in person in Pennsylvania 
  • “Why, What, How” Training (Our approach to securing trucking company chaplaincy contracts)
  • TFC Global Resources Training (All TFC Global resources and promotion options)
  • “The God Ask” book training

District Manager Application Process:

1. Click on the word “Apply” at the top right of the home page on our website at www.TFCGlobal.org.

2. Complete the district manager application in its entirety

You will be asked to provide the following as part of that application:

  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Your definition of the gospel
  • Your definition of baptism
  • Your personal statement of faith for God, the Bible, the human condition, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit
  • Agreement with the TFC Global statement of faith and missions statement

3. Complete an initial video call interview with the VP of US Operations or another TFC Global team member.

4. Agree to a background check (e-signature consent required).

5. Complete a second video-call conversation with the VP of US Operations or another TFC Global team member.

6. Complete a third and final video call with you, your spouse (if applicable), the TFC Global President, the VP of US Operations, and possibly other staff members.

7. Upon approval and affirmation, an offer letter will be presented.

8. Upon signing the offer letter, the CTI (Chaplains Training Institute) date will be set and must be completed with a test passed before engaging in chaplaincy service as a TFC Global Chaplain.

9. TFC Global Orientation

District Manager Compensation:

  • TFC Global is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization. We submit ourselves to God and have developed a culture of prayer and dependency on God. As part of this culture, we know we are to act in faith with boldness and courage based on our spiritual calling, passion, and giftedness. In powerful faith and a clear calling from God, a district manager steps out in that faith to raise support for their expenses and salary.
  • All TFC Global employees are responsible for raising awareness, prayer, and funds for the organization and compensation. As a faith-based non-profit, there are no automatic salaries for district managers.
  • District managers are self-funded with district performance incentives. This may require working a “paying job” until they are funded enough to give a percentage of time to the work of developing their district.
  • District managers raise funds through:
  • Funds raised through faith partners (donors)
  • District performance incentive-based pay
  • District Managers work with the TFC Global IO Staff (International Office/Base of TFC Global Operations) to track fundraising and incentive-based progress toward being fully funded.
  • TFC Global uses a “missions-based” model similar to other missions-based ministries, meaning we invite individuals, churches, organizations, and other sponsorships to participate as a financial faith partner of TFC Global.
  • These are the compensation goals set for TFC Global positions. However, these will vary based on fundraising and incentive goals met. This is for a basic reference:

District Managers Performance/Incentive-Based Pay Structure: 
  • District managers will receive performance compensation for:

1. $500 for every new chaplain recruited for TFC Global Chaplaincy Services who has successfully completed the 20-Hour CTI (Chaplains Training Institute) and has served as a TFC Global chaplain for 6 months.

2. 2% per month of chaplains trucking company contracted income for every chaplain you recruited for chaplaincy service in your district.

3. $200 for every new trucking company contract you secure.

4. $50 for every new trucking company contract a chaplain you recruited secures.

5. 2% per month of new monthly faith partners to TFC Global you secure (churches, individuals, companies, sponsorships, etc.)

  • The TFC Global IO (International Office/Base of TFC Global Operations) provides organizational support, administrative services, and training to equip you with methods to enlist faith partners and clear guidelines for district performance, and incentive-based pay. 

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