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Gateway to Freedom Foundation is an anti-human trafficking initiative that combats human trafficking by driving down the demand in cities across the United States.

We accomplish this by freeing and protecting people from consumer sexual beliefs and behaviors so they can thrive in their life, relationships, and community.

We connect buyers of consumer sex to proven pathways and resources that lead to freedom.

We educate on victim identification, as well as how to respond in safe and effective ways leading to rescue.

We train chaplains and lay leaders across the United States to identify and deter criminal activity.

Why support the Gateway to Freedom Foundation?

We restore lives and families

Investing in relational health is a gift to children.
Although commonly misunderstood consumer sex (i.e. consuming pornography, prostitution, or adult venues) has many serious, long-term negative outcomes that not only effect the one consuming it, but their family, friends and community.

Similar to the effects a steady diet of junk food has on one’s physical health, consumer sex wreaks havoc on one’s emotional and relational health. By making it possible for people to become free from consumer sexual beliefs and behaviors we are helping restore lives and families.

We put sex trafficking out of business

Sex trafficking is a supply and demand crime.
Just as vital and motivating to our work is knowing that when we successfully free people from consumer sex, we simultaneously put pimps and traffickers out of business.

When more and more people become free not only does it restore lives and family relationships, which makes our communities stronger, but it also effectively ends the scourge of sex trafficking in the world.

We protect generations of children from being trafficked

Free people, free others.
The ultimate value of our work is that generations of children will never be trafficked in the first place. So if restoring lives and families as well as effectively ending sex trafficking is something you get excited about, then we would love to have you join us or support the work.

Whether you’re an individual, a local church, a truck company or business, there is a way for you to get involved. Learn how you can make a difference below.


Did you know one third of active buyers say they wish they could stop?

Many people feel trapped in consumer sexual behavior they know is costing them everything they care about: their marriage and relationships, their emotional health, as well as their careers and legacy. There is hope. Don’t wait any longer to get free. Join the growing community of people breaking free every day.

There are three ways below that you can start your path to freedom today: the Live Free community app, the Gateway to Freedom workshop, and consultation support.


Live Free online community

The Live Free Community App offers a simple and safe way to bring men together who share a common struggle with porn and lust. Experience authentic community, find real accountability, and get access to exclusive content offering practical teaching — all in one place.

Don’t walk alone

If you’ve felt alone and without hope, the Live Free app might be the very thing you need to change the game and bring freedom to your life. In the community you will find camaraderie with men who share common struggles, while at the same time gaining the collective wisdom of men experiencing success.

Low risk, high reward

The great thing about this path is that it is a low risk, with a high reward. If you are unsure if you need help or are not ready to make a high commitment, this is a great place to start. Plus, by signing up through GTFF you receive an exclusive 20% discount.


Gateway to Freedom Intensive

In partnership with Be Broken Ministries the Gateway to Freedom intensive is a three-day workshop for men wanting to leave behind pornography use and any unwanted sexual behaviors. This is the best method for men who really want to experience a transforming life change toward sexual wholeness. The intensive is held multiple times a year at the Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center.

A proven path for men

Over 1700 men and growing have found freedom by attending the GTF 3-day intensive and follow through program. Early bird registration ends two weeks before the workshop date.

If you have any other questions about the GTF intensive or need help registering, please call our number at 717-426-9977or email us at

The next intensive is happening April 19-21, 2024 at the Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center.

Frequently Asked Questions
What topics will the intensive cover?
  • The nature of lust and temptation
  • False intimacy vs True intimacy
  • Boundaries
  • Restoring trust and communication in marriage
  • Triggers and how to manage temptations
  • The process of change and coping with chaos
  • Written, personalized plan for recovery
  • Shame: it’s effects and how to overcome it
  • Relapse response and prevention
  • Accountability that works!
  • And more…
Who should attend Gateway to Freedom (GTF) Intensive?

The GTF intensive is for men* (married, single, or divorced; age 20 or older) who display any of the following characteristics:

  • Regular use of pornography
  • Have had one or more affairs
  • Habitual masturbation
  • Lying to hide secret sexual behaviors
  • Feelings of intense shame over sexual behaviors
  • Desire to deal aggressively with lust struggles
  • Secret sexual fantasies
  • Experienced unwanted sexual encounters during childhood or adolescence

*If you are a pastor (or working in ministry), we understand your struggle and we know how to help you, too.

Is there a limited number of men who can attend?

Yes! There is limited space for each intensive, therefore only the first 14-16 men to register will secure a spot.

So, be sure to register early to ensure your space at the intensive. If the intensive fills up, you will be offered a spot an opening at the next upcoming intensive date.

Why do you limit the number of men at each intensive?

Real transformation often occurs in a small group setting. By limiting the number of men attending the GTF intensive, it allows for more interaction among all the men. Smaller groups prevent a man from feeling like a number and provides each man with quality attention and care. Breakout groups are, therefore, never larger than 8 men, usually around 6-8 in each group.

Is there an application process for the intensive?

Yes and no. While there is no formal, or clinical, application process to register for the GTF intensive, we do screen each potential participant to ensure that they are a good fit for the program (this is accomplished by completing a short questionnaire. For instance, the GTF intensive would not be a good fit for someone battling alcohol or drugs. This program is exclusively for men struggling with sexual strongholds in thoughts and behaviors.

How often do the intensives occur?

The GTF intensive is scheduled periodically throughout the year. When registering the dates of all the intensives in Pennsylvania will appear. Choose the date that works best for you. To view the available dates and register click here, or give us a call at 717-426-9977 and ask for Gateway to Freedom Foundation.

There are also intensives held in Texas and Florida hosted by Be Broken Ministries. To view intensive dates in Texas and Florida click other workshop location dates.

Where are the intensives located?

The GTF intensive is conducted at the Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center located at 3300 River Rd, Mt. Bethel, PA, 18343.

Directions to workshop facilities will be provided once registration is complete.

Air Travel – there are two options when flying in for the workshop:

Preferred airport: Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport (airport code: AVP).

Philadelphia International Airport (airport code: PHL).

Attendees flying into Wilkes-Barre Scranton airport will be provided with complimentary shuttle service to the retreat center. Shuttle service for air travelers will run only once on Friday morning (between 9:00 am – 9:30 am) with return service included on Sunday after the final session of the workshop. So, if traveling by air, book your Sunday flight after 4:00 pm to ensure you don’t miss your ride home!

How can I register for the GTF intensive?

Call our number (717-426-9977) between 9am – 4pm Eastern Time or click here to register online.
The schedule varies slightly from location to location, but below is a general outline of the weekend’s flow.

10:30 AM On-site registration and check-in
12:30 PM Meetings begin
10:00 PM Final session of the day ends

08:00 AM Breakfast
10:30 PM Final session of the day ends

08:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 PM Closing session ends

How much does the intensive cost, and what is included in the weekend?

This is the million dollar question, right? Thankfully, that isn’t how much the GTF workshop costs! (Even if the benefits are worth a million dollars) Below is more information on the cost and value of the GTF workshop.

Gateway to Freedom Total Cost: $1,197
Super Early Bird: $997 / Early Bird $1,097

“The price of the workshop was nothing compared to the amount of teaching and counseling that was available. I highly recommend this workshop to others…”

– Alumni remark on cost of workshop

Payment Options
In Full $1,197

4-Month Pay Plan
$300 x 4 months ($275 x 4, PA residents)
(includes $25/mo admin fee)

*Limited partial scholarships available as needed. Scholarship applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis and are limited by available funds. Call 717-426-9977 or email for more information.

The value of what you receive:

  • 2 nights lodging ($250 value)
  • Meal service; 6 full meals total ($100 value)
  • Eight teaching sessions on building a life of sexual integrity; nearly 9 solid hours of teaching ($850 value)
  • Eight small group sessions with a professional counselor; over 10 solid hours of professional group counseling ($1000 value)
  • All workshop literature; workbook, resource catalog, etc. ($80 value)
  • Inclusion in Gateway AfterCare program; counselor consultation, support group selection assistance, support care through our qualified recovery network, helpful resources for wives, audio recordings of all workshop teaching sessions ($1,200 plus value)
  • Personal interaction with program facilitator and small group leaders (decades of expertise and insight in one location)
  • Lifetime access to Alumni directory for encouragement and accountability

Total Value (Over $3000) – Total Cost ($1,197) = Over $1800 in Savings!

The workshop registration fee is roughly the equivalent of one (1) high-end HDTV, or about 4-5 monthly car payments, or half the average monthly mortgage payment, and certainly less expensive than a divorce (national average is around $15,000!). Think about what you’ve already spent on a life of secrecy and lust; high costs with negative results. Investing in the Gateway to Freedom workshop is a low cost with immeasurable positive benefits.

To see those benefits through the eyes of men who have previously attended the Gateway to Freedom workshop, visit the Testimonials Page.

What are the cancellation policies?

We understand that there could be reasons arise where you need to cancel. We want to do our best to work with you in these situations. There are a few options for you to consider:

  1. Payment deferment to another intensives with no additional fees. This allows you to pick any of our other intensives to attend and not lose any money.
  2. Full refund minus cancellation fee ($45) for cancellation prior to two weeks from the intensive start date.
  3. Half refund if canceling within 2 weeks of the intensive start date. Due to the fact that we have to pay the venues in full before the intensive, canceling within two weeks means that we have already paid for your spot in the intensive. If this is your only option we will gladly refund you half of the price you paid. For example, if you paid the full $1197 you will receive a refund of $598.50. If you had a $250 scholarship and paid $947, you will receive a refund of $473.50. You will only receive half of what you paid.
Is there internet access at the Intensive?

No. We want to create an environment that is free from all distraction to the task of focusing on healing and recovery. All intensive facilities are free of Internet access. We do allow men to keep their cell phones if they wish, but ask that they only be used to contact family or for emergencies.


Consultation Support

If you need someone to talk to for support and guidance or if you have questions about the Live Free Community App or the 3-day workshop contact us right here.

Share your story with us

If you have experienced freedom from pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior or you have a story of how consumer sex has negatively effected your life please share with us. Your story can save someone’s life.

You can also send us a confidential message with a request for support, or reach out to us at (717) 426-9977.


Schedule a 15-minute consultation


Gateway to Freedom Foundation can equip you to make a difference

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

One of our core beliefs is that there is a modern day abolitionist in all of us. The high majority of people are appalled by the reality of sex trafficking in the world, and desire to see it end. People want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. With over 15 years in anti-sex trafficking work GTFF can equip you, your company or organization to effectively combat this crime.


Truck Industry

A key battle ground for the fight against trafficking

The trucking industry has long been a key target for pimps and traffickers across the U.S. as they rely on the buyer demand of drivers. This makes the trucking industry a strategic partner in the fight against sex trafficking. We offer training to professional drivers and companies, through our “Culture Carrier” training program, to help win the fight against sex trafficking.

Culture Carrier Training

  • Harnesses the goodwill of drivers and companies
  • Equips and unleashes fleets of modern day abolitionists
  • Redefines and protects the legacy of the truck industry

Lay Leaders

A responsibility of all citizens

Because sex trafficking happens in every major city and town across the United States, every citizen has the potential to help end it. Whether you are a parent, teacher, coach, pastor or student, you are a modern day abolitionist. So why not be a trained one.

We are multiplying modern day abolitionists by training lay people and community groups through our Play to End the Game initiative.



Salt and Light in the fight against trafficking

We train and equip chaplains, through TFC Global, to be a presence of hope and healing in areas commonly used for human trafficking. Our chaplains are making a difference by learning safe and effective ways to connect victims of trafficking to rescue and services, as well as how to drive down the demand by ministering to “buyers,” and connecting them to paths leading to freedom.
We currently train chaplains in 14 states across the United States with the goal to expand to more. The chaplaincy ministry is growing. Interested in becoming a chaplain? Apply here. Or, learn how you can help support a local chapter near you.


A responsibility of all citizens

At Gateway we’ve created a multi-sector network of resources and partners committed to reducing and ending the demand for consumer sex. Find what you need, share what you have. Join the network!



View Resources
Human Trafficking Hotline and Resources
Referral Directory

Crisis hotline number and directory for Human trafficking services and agencies.


Trucking and Human Trafficking

Crisis hotline number and directory for Human trafficking services and agencies.


Books & Articles
When Shame Gets Real

A new way to talk about sex, porn, and masturbation.


Pure Desire

How one mans triumph can help others break free from sexual temptation.


Surfing For God

Discovering the divine desire beneath sexual struggle.


Accountability Software & Tools
Covenant Eyes

Overcome addiction with software for your computer and with chance to partner with community.


Mobile Support
Pure Community

Pure Community offers a database for mobile coaching and therapy, as well as finding a support group online or in-person around the country.


Join a Small Group

Live a porn free life with the power of community. Find a small group online or in a city near you.


Parenting Resources
When Shame Gets Real

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At the Gateway to Freedom Foundation we know that partnerships are not just a good idea, they are indispensable to success. Here are two types of partners we look for.

A Cord of three strands is not easily broken.

– Ecclesiastes 4:12

Partners in sharing the work

We are big fans of organizations and agencies that are making a difference in the fight against trafficking. That is why we are committed to promoting the work of others, sharing resources, and collaboratively working together. Check out our Freedom Partners at the bottom of the page, or go to our resource directory and see all that is available.

Partners that invest in the work

We deeply cherish our partners who invest in the work, either financially or by utilizing our services and resources. Whether you are a local church, a truck company or an individual donor we are excited for you to partner with us and share in the success of driving down demand to end sex trafficking. Learn more below and partner with us today.

Local church partners

We believe the local church is absolutely vital to the success of driving down demand and ending sex trafficking in the world. We deeply value our local church partners and are committed to growing more. Contact us today to learn how your church can make a difference.

Why partner with Gateway to Freedom Foundation

  • Connect with the heart of God to bring healing and freedom to the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17)
  • Provide spiritual and financial covering for chaplains and lay leaders in cities and states across the U.S.
  • Receive on-going updates from the field, plus training, support and resources that will equip and bless your congregation.

Email to learn more about the Gateway to Freedom foundation and the vision for local church partners.


Contact Us

What you do matters

Combatting and ending sex trafficking is a responsibility of all citizens. You have an important role to play. We are here to help you discover it. To connect with us, fill out your information and inquiry below, call us directly at (717) 426-9977, or email us at