Thanks for Providing for Chaplains

Holy Bible

By: Craig Maart

Being a chaplain can be a thankless job. It’s a good thing TFC Global chaplains don’t see chaplaincy as a 9-5 job. Sometimes you receive a word of thanks, but for the most part, a chaplain courageously serves even when their work does not receive appreciation. The sacrifice, training, and work it takes to be a chaplain in a trucking company or at a truck stop is more than what you may think. A chaplain will put in a lot of time before a person feels comfortable enough to speak about something deeper than their favorite convenience store (Wawa), sports (MN Vikings football), traffic (always crazy), or the weather (70 and sunny). When a person shares what they are dealing with and asks the chaplain for prayer, advice, or resources, it makes all the thankless time and effort worth it.

I have lost count of how many times a chaplain will report the powerful impact God has had on a person’s life. People are seeking help, getting saved, and receiving encouragement as God works through the hard work TFC Global chaplains do. I hear from our chaplains the contentment they have when God uses them for what they are called and passionate to do.

I received this text from the president of a company we provide chaplaincy services for; “Someone from work just texted me and thanked me for providing chaplains. Thought that would make you smile”. It did indeed make me smile because I know some of the life issues our chaplains have been helping people face. The fact that an employee would text this to the owner says a lot. First, it shows how much the owner cares; his employees feel it. Second, the chaplain’s presence is making a noticeable difference in the lives of his workforce. This employee had to make the time to text the owner. That is not normal. That’s why this is a big deal.

These stories are fun to hear. We need more stories like this. For this to happen we need the prayer and financial support from you. We cannot provide chaplaincy to the trucking community without it. Resources, gas, nice uniform clothing, internet, phones, insurance, and truck show entrance fees, shipping costs, to name a few, cost money. We need your support and faith partnership to continue providing chaplaincy services.

It is a rewarding challenge to lead TFC Global chaplains through the application, candidacy, and training process. People are applying like crazy to be chaplains, and the trucking community needs chaplains. All this is dependent on prayer and God’s provision. Will you allow God to use you to help provide top-level chaplaincy where darkness and isolation prey on those who work hard to keep America running?