covered bridge Feb 05

Cross That Bridge

Joanna MaartComment Closed

By: Lynn Bolster So who out there likes driving across bridges – show of hands? I know, right? Bridges are a necessary part of life, especially in trucking, but absolutely […]

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honey dripping into jar Jan 10

TruckStruck: Honey Sugar Darlin’ Dear

By: Lynn Bolster Recently, I was speaking with a retired driver named Oz and when I finished, I said, “You know what I mean honey?” He gave me a stern […]

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mouse next to wheels of truck Oct 05

TruckStruck: Insects, Critters, & Vehicles

In an ideal world, critters and insects stay outdoors. We’re in, they’re out and that’s the way it should be. But when they do invade, it’s often sudden, scary, and […]

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Truck fueling up at diesel gas pump Aug 07

TruckStruck: Adventures with Fuel

By: Lynn Bolster In the scrap world, there are dangers but one of the most volatile is fuel. Flashpoints of various fuels differ and you have to be mighty careful […]

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interior of a tour bus Aug 07

TruckStruck: The Day the Wheels Came Off the Bus

By: Lynn Bolster This month let’s take on a new adventure – a journey into the world of tour bus driving because it’s that time of year! We know our […]

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